Service Upgrades


If your lights have been flickering frequently or you simply don’t have enough power in your home or business to run all the modern-day devices, it may be time to upgrade your old electrical system.  We handle service upgrades for residential and commercial customers and pride ourselves on providing quality, fully code-compliant electrical work at competitive rates.

Know when to upgrade your electrical service

Excellent reasons for a service upgrade include lights flickering when an appliance is turned on, the circuit breaker tripping frequently, low-pitch humming sounds from the electrical system, and a hot electrical panel indicating it’s overheating. It’s smart to upgrade your system if your house is 40 years or older.

Replace and upgrade your electrical system in no time:

•  Panel swaps  •  New electrical system installations  •  Rewiring  •  Circuit breakers  •  Inspections  •  Lighting upgrades  •  Fully licensed and insured for your protection  •  Full year warranty on all parts and labor